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A new trend in professional business management of hotels. Profitable hotel-type apartments, hotel rooms and apart-hotels from the Hilton ApartmentsTM brand with management by the copyrighted application.

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Hilton Apartments provides all data on profitable hotel-type apartments and hotel rooms (which you own) through the web interface and our mobile application.

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Make a profit in partnership with Hilton Apartments from renting out your hotel-type apartment;

Full control

You decide when to rent out your hotel room/apartment to hotel guests. You can stay in your apartment at any time according to the contract of purchasing. Simply notify the Hotel reception via MobileApp and you are good to go!

Digital leadership tools

Modern, innovative digital tools define Hilton Apartments' leadership and allow you to establish quality relationships with the guest, investor-owner, management company and, as a result, to increase income from renting out your hotel-type apartments and hotel rooms by providing better service, quality and modern digital interaction.

Guests and owners can remotely manage the hotel room through the HiltonApp.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


Full online control.

Hilton Apartments successfully manages your hotel-type property, and you control everything through the mobile App.

Partnership proposal.

Become partners with Hilton Apartments and earn guaranteed 10% in USD per hotel room.

Partnership proposal.

Become a partner of Hilton Apartments. Acquire a share in the apartment hotel. The cost of the share is $ 10,000.

Each Hilton Apartments hotel room includes 4 shares. You can purchase several shares, both in one hotel room, or a different number of shares in different rooms.


Tariffs and service

For investors and partners of Hilton Apartments, the HiltonApp mobile application is provided free of charge.

HiltonApp Branded

  • All reports online
  • Withdrawal of profit to your card
  • Accommodation reservation
  • Smart home system
  • All kinds of services
Become a partner

HiltonApp Private

$ 12 000 / usd
  • Solution for individuals
  • Solution for legal entities
  • Customization
  • Online support
  • Data protection service
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Attention! Prices for service, the cost of subscriptions and payment providers depend on the chosen project, city and investment amount.


Ready to earn more with HiltonApp?

Hilton Apartments interacts with owners of hotel rooms, owners of hotel shares and with hotel guests through the mobile application that raises the industry standard and helps you earn more from renting your room out.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

Answers to frequently asked questions from investors, owners and guests of Hilton Apartments.

Why Hilton Apartments?

A multi-brand company that, by its own example, raises the industry standard and guarantees income from 10% per annum. Digital solutions, timing, service and hotel room management experience are the key benefits of partnering with Hilton Apartments.

How do I become a partner with Hilton Apartments?

It is enough to purchase a hotel room or one of the shares open for sale to become partners with us. The ownership of the property is assigned to you and Hilton Apartments manages your property professionally, paying 10% annual income in USD on your bank account.

What kind of return on investment can I expect?

On average, Hilton Apartments partners receive 15% of the net return on investment each year from booking income, PLUS the market value of hotel rooms has been increasing by an average of 11.5% per year. The guaranteed income from bookings is covered by a bank guarantee.

What is the initial amount you can start investing with?

Hilton Apartments opens up the opportunity to become a partner by investing in hotel rooms starting from $250/month. In this case, the partner is invited to purchase a share in a hotel room, worth $10,000. The first installment is $3000. Monthly payment is $250. You can also purchase several shares or an entire hotel room for $60,000;

Will I be the owner of the hotel room?

Yes, the ownership of the share or hotel room is assigned to you at the House of Justice. You are a full-fledged owner of a profitable property.

Do I have any options of a free-stay?

Accommodation is available to all Hilton Apartments partners. The number of the days available for accommodation is determined by the investment model you choose.

Is there any buy-back or investment return options available?

Yes. There are guaranteed buy-back options and return options to every investment with Hilton Apartments. This means that Hilton Apartments buys the share or hotel room from a partner upon request.

Will reporting be available to me?

Owning a hotel room in Hilton Apartments means that you will have access to statistics of reservations and room occupancy, as well as receiving all types of services through the copyrighted mobile application HiltonApp; Also, you are guaranteed to receive income starting from 10% per annum.

Hilton Apartments Team

Professional team of the international brand.

Read more about the Hilton Apartments team on our Facebook page.


Hotels | Georgia

Hotel type apartments, hotel rooms, and apart-hotels
managed by Hilton Apartments.

Black Sea Towers - Hilton Apartments
Available for investment
Black Sea Towers by Hilton Apartments

Hilton Apartments manages apartment hotel in the Black Sea Towers premium complex;

Today, in particular in Batumi, the Black Sea Towers is one of the most anticipated residential complexes at the completion stage, which is located in the city center, on the Heroes' Avenue.

BambooBeachResort by Hilton Apartments
Available for investment
Bamboo Resort by Hilton Apartments

Bamboo Beach Resort is a premium apart hotel, which is located right on the coast of the Black Sea. Hilton Apartments manage their own apartments.

Best solution for investors who want to earn on property rent, managed by Hilton Apartments.

Investment completed. Price m2 - 3500 $
Beach Tower by Hilton Apartments

Beach Tower is a premium class complex, located on the Black Sea coast in close proximity to the sea. The complex is completed. Price m2 from 3500$/m2

Calligraphy Towers Batumi - Hilton Apartments
Available for investment
Calligraphy Towers Batumi

Hilton Apartments manages own hotel-type apartments in the Calligraphy Towers premium complex;

The hotel brand Hamton by Hilton will be located up to the 10th floor in the complex, and higher - profitable hotel-type apartments Hilon Apartments.

Available for investment
Porta Batumi Tower

Hilton Apartments manages luxury hotel apartments and exclusive penthouses in a premium building Porta Batumi Tower, which is the hallmark of the city of Batumi.

The complex has received the highest award from Booking.com in the "service" segment.

Investment completed. Price m2 - 3500 $
Bellevue Hilton Hotel Batumi

Bellevue Residence is a premium class complex combined with the infrastructure of the Hilton Hotel, located on the Black Sea coast in close proximity to the sea. The complex is completed. Price m2 from 3500$/m2.

We provide private management services for apartments in the BBR complex.

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